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Long Range Regoinal Circuit

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Guest Anonymous

Would it be possible that we could have a regoinal circuit were the two airports could be like msp and bos? We could have 3 centers online and fully staff both airports.

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This sounds exactly like the Domestic Journey but perhaps you were suggesting having the pilots fly two-way routes instead of the one-way trip. The difficulty with longer events is that, without a very large pilot turnout, they are incredibly boring for ATC (and some pilots too). For example, during our LAX/SFO event with about 24 pilots at the peak, all the controllers had very little traffic because most of the airplanes were actually in the air with the two Centers.


In general, I have noticed a lower turnout for even the most popular longer-distance Regional Circuit routes. LAX/SFO had two Center controllers.



Evan Reiter

Community Manager
Administration Team

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