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Don Desfosse

Announcing our newest Facility Engineer

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Team, please join me in welcoming Carl Klinker (KK) as our newest Facility Engineer!


Carl currently serves as a mentor, and has a good amount of experience in the technical side of the house.  He's now learned to create sector files, and is doing a good job with that.  We look forward to more contributions soon!



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Guest Will Stewart

Congrats on finally getting this position filled! Thanks and congrats for taking this on, KK!

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Congrats, KK!


If you need any tips/help/etc. or just feel like banging your head against the wall with the .sct format, don't hesitate to ask.

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Guest Kyle Gallagher

Congrats Man! If you are ever stuck, you know who to Skype ;)

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Guest Glenn Buonanducci

Congrats... but I don't know why the only ZBW color profile is in blue and orange...

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Guest Rodger Johnson

Congrats KK!



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Thanks everyone for the congrats! It's nice to know that there are others I can look to if I need help. Oh, and a special thanks to GA for teaching me most of what I can do with sector files. :)


Kevin Moody (KK)

Former Instructor, Webmaster & Facilities Engineer

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