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Don Desfosse

ZBW's Newest Training Administrator

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It gives me great pleasure to announce that Matt Spencer (SP) [s:504cfcmv]believed my lies[/s:504cfcmv] [s:504cfcmv]went off his medication and[/s:504cfcmv] has accepted a new assignment as ZBW's Training Administrator.  Matt has been instructing here since April, was a Mentor prior to that, and is tremendously knowledgeable about ZBW and its operations.  He is a ball of energy, and we're counting on him to be a driving, motivating force for training here at ZBW, while pushing and ensuring that our high standards of excellence are always met.


Please join me in welcoming Matt into his new role.  

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Matt, Matt, Matt.. don't you ever learn ?


Congratulations.. Old Man.. (or  you will be soon working with all of us)


Seriously,  a great choice for ZBW.  Thanks for taking it on



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Guest Brandon Carter1561830364

Congratulations SP!

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Very nice, sounds like someone made their decision after about 1 AM at a bar in Miramar. Enjoy the position and I am sure you will fill it well.

Francis Dube (DB)



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Thank you, thank you everyone. I'll do my best, nothing less.


Matthew Spencer (SP)

Extremely Retired Training Administrator

ZBW's goodwill ambassador to the rich and famous

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