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Don Desfosse

ZBW's Newest Events Coordinator

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It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Francis Dube (DB) to the position of Events Coordinator.


Francis is a rock-solid, steady controller here at ZBW, serves as a Mentor, and has some wonderful ideas to promote and grow ZBW events.


Between ensuring we keep up with ZBW's historical set of good events and dreaming up exciting new ones, I (and we) look forward to kicking it up a notch or two with Francis at the helm.  Please join me in congratulating Francis on this appointment, and giving him our full support.

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Guest Glenn Buonanducci

Excellent Dude!  Party on!

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Guest Brandon Carter1561830364

Congratulations DB!

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Thanks everyone, between maintaining our current events and developing new ones I think we can do a lot of great things. I look forward to working as a team and building upon what we already have here in Boston.

Francis Dube (DB)



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