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Guest Yun Chase

Chicago HTC

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Guest Yun Chase

Dear BVATC staff,


Happy New Year! :D


I have the following suggestions for the upcoming HTC event in order to increase the hypertension for those participating pilots and controllers...


1) Remove Milwaukee as one of the satellite airports... 4 are just too many to feel any tensions at those airports...


2) Move those MKE slots and spread them out to the remaining 3 satellites (MSN, PIA, IND)


3) Also remove 5 pilots from Chicago departures and move them to the 3 satellite departures. So it'll be like 20 departing ORD and 30 inbound to ORD... ORD has way too many departures to begin with and having 30 pilots converging into ORD sounds more exciting then our current plan now... :D


4) For Satellite departures only: Have 2 pilots push back at the same time. 2 at 2PM, 2 at 2:05 and 2 at 2:10 etc... 1 depature from a satellite airport every 5 minutes sounds like a dreadfully slow day... |)


By doing the above, I think it would be more interesting for both the Satellites and ORD when things start to get going... Again, I am making these suggestions because from my last HTC (Wash. DC) experience as a pilot... it didn't appear to be very intense (again, from a pilot's perspective)... I hope my suggestions can help to improve that for this event. :D


Thanks for listening!

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It's pretty late to be making changes to the event| there has already been quite a bit of planning that has taken place. Pilot sign-up is open and controller staffing will begin shortly. I would rather not make major changes to the event at this point. Had you posted this before pilot sign-up and advertising had begun, it would have been much easier to make a change.


That being said, we have already removed one airport from the list. We did 6 airports (inc. KIAD) for the Washington HTC| we're featuring 5 total airports this time. The concept of 25 pilots inbound and outbound was voted on by the community and approved by our controllers. Again, I'd rather not make that change unless another event proves that we need to make a change.


Remember that we've really only held one event and it was not as well-attended as many of us had hoped. Before we start making wholesale changes let's see whether we're seeing a consistent issue or a one-off. I'd be happy to consider your changes if you and others feel that this next HTC is not particularly intense.


Hope to see you in Chicago!



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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Guest Alex Brewer

I'd like to say how much I enjoyed the Chicago HTC (with the forums being down, I didn't have the chance of saying this earlier). I only did my 1 flight to Madison (didn't have the time to do a second), but it was great being 1 of the many planes departing Chicago... And having ATC all the way. Thanks!

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