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Don Desfosse

Changes in the Providence area

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The Providence Approach frequency has now changed to 123.67 (vice 135.40).  This one makes me a bit teary-eyed... I have been calling Providence Approach on 135.40 since I was a student pilot in 1989... and I'm sure others have been calling that frequency up for far longer than that....


The TEDDY3 STAR has been retired, and replaced with the WIPOR1 RNAV STAR. 

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Yes, lots of changes at PVD and elsewhere.  They've been using this 123.67 for a while now.  And they still have the same blind spots in coverage to the north/northwest.  :-)


LiveATC has a new set of feeds at PVD (thanks to CO for providing the feed for many years):




So if you want to listen in and get some good local info, enjoy.


119.45 transmitter is at Westerly, RI (KWST) so you won't hear that controller unless he/she is simulcasting (e.g., at night, etc.) - that is a busy sector in the summer.  Also not sure we're getting the controller on 125.75 (JUMPR Sector) - still tracking that transmitter down.



Dave Pascoe (PE)

Founder, LiveATC.net https://liveatc.net

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Guest Chris Seeber - RIP

I think 125.75 is at KBID.  I can usually pick that up better than 119.45 down here in Charlestown.  I haven't heard either in a while - I probably need to check out my antenna, but they used to simulcast on both frequencies most of the time.


Hope you're having fun at the tea party.



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It was a great amount of fun and a great group of Controllers.. Thank you all for being there.  (Now to go get the Stuka off the runway)

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