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Don Desfosse

Temporary Nocturnal Operations Procedures at KBOS

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With the closure of runway 33L/15R due to resurfacing, estimated until late October or early November, KBOS Nocturnal Operations procedures for noise abatement are amended as follows: 


Weather permitting, between the hours of 0000 and 0600L, the KBOS airport configuration shall be landing Runway 27 and departing Runway 22R until further notice.

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Well, to be perfectly honest -- their completion date was supposed to be 9/30 but nobody believed it, so I went with the prevailing theories at the time when I said late Oct / early Nov.... ;)

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Apparently CAT II ILS on 33L is still out of service. As such, tonight RW KBOS was running departures on 15R and arrivals on 4R...not a combo you see every day.

Daniel Hoffman


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