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Don Desfosse

Announcing ZBW's Newest Facility Engineer

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It gives me great pleasure to announce ZBW's newest Facility Engineer, Chris Mauro.  Chris is no stranger to doing the technical work -- he has done yeoman's work on the Facility Engineering team for quite a while, and has demonstrated his technical prowess and ability to jump in and get the work done when it's needed to be done. 


Our thanks go out to Kevin Moody for wearing this hat for the past 2+ years.  He has also done a fabulous job.  There is a saying, though, "Many hands make light work."  Kevin has been wearing three staff hats -- FE and Webmaster and Instructor.  Kevin will continue his fabulous support to ZBW in the Data Services Manager / Webmaster and ATC Instructor roles.


Please join me in congratulating Chris on stepping up to accept the staff role, and wishing him well!

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KK, thanks for all your contributions to this amazing ARTCC in the past 2 years. Words cannot describe the amazing job you've done.


MO, Congrats on your new position! I know you will do your best to make this ARTCC top notch.


Thank you both. Keep up the great work!

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