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Derek Lane

Event in Calgary

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Just wanted to give an event suggestion for Calgary, Alberta - Canada

Idealy any event would be excellent except a GA


Anyone one else want to support the suggestion?

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Guest Brandon Carter

How about an RC between CYYC and CYXC (Canadian Rockies)?


113 miles

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We've previously had issues with entirely Canadian (or foreign, for that matter) events due to complexities finding airport charts, sectionals, and phraseologies. While many people seem to enjoy all-foreign events, I find attendance is better at a "combined" event (something like KSEA/CYVR, which we've done several times).


Do you think we should try a cross-border event or CYYC & CYXC? Cranbrook is an awesome-looking airport.



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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Thats a great idea, I would also like to see CYEG staffed up in Edmonton as there 2 international airports (cyyc and cyeg) and theres also Red Deer inbetween cyyc and cyeg, I do have a link for most of the charts for the Edmonton ARTCC the only thing i havent been able to come across is like skyvector type charts

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Sounds great. Calgary is a great airport with an interesting config.


For a city pair how about CYYZ-KCLE? I've never seen us use YYZ for an event before.


Tim Brett (BE)


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