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  1. Congrats to Mitch Monette (ME) for passing his Class B Tower OTS and achieving his Full Certification! After killing a bit of his Canadian spirit (phraseology), ME owned every scenario he was put through and showed that he deserves to put virtual lives in peril without too much bickering! ME has been a positive influence since he transferred in not too long ago, and his self-awareness and determination is second-to-none. Enjoy your shiny new cert, ME, and please keep the virtual manslaughter to a minimum!
  2. Congrats! You did it! Enjoy radar for the rest of your life! Awesome to see you achieve your C1, and looking forward to many nights of chaos *cough* fun!
  3. Congrats to Daniel Nguyen (NN) for passing his Class B Tower OTS! He was able to move airplanes so quickly that they barely had time to not hit each other! Good work, and please keep the radar singing to a minimum.
  4. G'day! Just wanted to make a quick announcement that... CRIKEY! WHAT WAS THAT? Oh my word, it's a rare RadKe! What's he doing? It appears he is moving aircraft at the Boston airport. Sounds like he might be a bit hungry... OI! He almost got me with that reroute! Glad I was ready for that one. What a silly fella. As you can see, we always need to respect wildlife, especially new Boston Ground controllahs. Congrats to Taylor Radke for passing his Class B Ground OTS and earning his Full Certification! Keep up the good work! PS. Sorry, not sorry.

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