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  1. What happens when Josh uses Google Translate... Felicidades!
  2. Congratulations to Bradley Clinton (CT) for passing his Class B Ground OTS today! He threw around the airplanes as if he owned the place and forced them to follow his clearances. With only minor scrapes and bruises, the airplanes were able to escape and make it to the sky. Well earned, and don't make the BOS ship list too heavily.
  3. Congrats to RI for completing his Class B Approach Full Certification! He was able to navigate the imminent destruction of his airspace and found a way to survive. He commanded his airspace, made most of the planes go the right way, and, most importantly, did not wake up the conflict ogres. Keep up the good work! May the Vector Gods protect your localizers.
  4. Congratulations to Jero Wang (WG) for passing his Class B Ground OTS! After horsing around the first few attempts, he saddled up and dominated the rodeo. After tussling with all those aluminum cowboys, he finally showed them who's Sheriff. Congrats, WG, and don't let your proficiency run away into the sunset.
  5. Congrats to Corey Miller (CY) for passing his S2 (Class C Tower) OTS! He managed all his airplanes and checked his flight strips twice. He knew which ones were naughty nice. Most importantly, he kept everyone separated, so nobody ended up with a red nose. Great work, and enjoy the PSM nostalgia!
  6. Also, the splits can vary depending on the night or event. We'll usually announce what the splits are over ATC chat or through private message.
  7. After surviving the gauntlet with turns in every direction, Mateo Rodriguez (RZ) escaped rather unscathed and has become Boston's newest fully certified Class B Ground controller! RZ smashed clearances, mastered the taxiways, and suffered only minor flesh wounds fighting secondary runway requests. Congrats on your new capabilities, RZ!
  8. Thank you, Clif, for everything you do for us. I appreciate that we can share a hotel room without the worry of catching Nunnitis. Thanks to everyone here for creating a welcoming, fun, and caring community. Without you all, there is no way I would be where I am now. Happy Thanksgiving!

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