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  1. Sorry for being late... Congrats to Chris Beckett (BK) for earning his Class B Ground Full Certification recently! He was able to make his way through the gauntlet, and now he's ready to .route every aircraft that signs on. Good luck. We're all counting on you.
  2. Congrats, KT! No excuses for helicopter ops now.
  3. Congratulations are in store for PS for becoming our newest fully-certified Class B Ground controller! After being put through the PaceS, [better] Cam got the better of those pesky sweatbox skyboats and commanded their paths (along the ground) with bravery and fortitude. Great job again, and don't let those EWR flights get above 16,000!
  4. Congratulations to RI for passing his Class C Approach OTS today! After mastering the symphony of beeps (similar to an FNO tune,) RI found a way to navigate the turbulent PVD and prevent unwanted colors and sounds from appearing. We're all looking forward to your Class B hit song soon. May the vector gods protect your localizers.
  5. Congrats to Rob Stark for passing his Class B Approach OTS! In stark contrast to his first session which StRessed out his instructor, Rob was able to hold on for dear life and directed all his aircraft safely (mostly) to wherever they ended up going. To the rest of the controller staff, I'm sorry. May the vector gods protect your localizers.

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