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  1. Congrats, Jack Levine (LV), for getting 100% on the VATUSA S3 exam! Great job!
  2. Congrats to Evan Cooper (CP) for getting a perfect score on the VATUSA S2 exam! Well done!
  3. Great job, Rian Joseph (JH), on getting a 100% on the Delivery/Ground exam on June 29, 2021!
  4. Congratulations are in order for Milan Kroemer (KE) for completing his Class B Approach Full Certification! After weeks of enduring the pain and torture of this gauntlet, KE came out battered but not defeated, slaying the beastly scenarios and pushing tin until they could be crushed no more. Good work, KE! May the vector gods protect your localizers.
  5. Great job, Cameron Hilstad (HD), on getting a 100% on the Advanced Delivery/Ground exam on June 14, 2021!
  6. Great job, Warren Madden (MD), on getting a 100% on the SOP exam on June 12, 2021!