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  1. Congratulations to @Benjamin Manuel (ML) for successfully completing his Boston S1 OTS! Ben successfully navigated all the bad routes, new pilots, and pesky GA aircraft and successfully got everyone to the runway without denting any tin. I am now confident any local controllers will never need to correct his strips again... sort of. Enjoy never having to use BOS_S_GND again!
  2. Congratulations to @Jackson Choran for receiving a shiny new S2 certification! Jackson demonstrated he can move aircraft efficiently and safely to the runway, and get some out at the same time. Remember to remain focused on the network and to not bend any metal. Welcome to the cab!
  3. Congrats RQ! Enjoy vERAM for the rest of your life.
  4. Congratulations to Jacob September (SB) for passing his S1 OTS! This went as expected for an IRL KSPI local controller, although we might have a few more airplanes than he's used to... time to find his limits! Welcome to BVARTCC!