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  1. Congratulations to Jacob September (SB) for passing his S1 OTS! This went as expected for an IRL KSPI local controller, although we might have a few more airplanes than he's used to... time to find his limits! Welcome to BVARTCC!
  2. Congrats to John Canavan (CA) for passing his S1 OTS! He navigated all the problem routes, bad taxiing of aircraft, and the plethora of full-route clearances expertly. I'm sure he will be very successful here at BVARTCC. I look forward to seeing him grow through the ranks in the very near future. Welcome to BVA!
  3. Finally another controller in here with a legitimate New England accent... Welcome back DL!
  4. Congratulations to Zach DeAngelis (DG) for passing his S1 OTS! Zach guided all the planes safely to the runway without issue, and he navigated his way through the onslaught of reroutes and noobs effectively. This is just the beginning of your controller journey, Zach, and I'm excited to see where you'll be going after this. Welcome to the scopes!

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