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  1. I'm also in support of "Fenway". Maybe it'll get the bad juju out after its previous usage...
  2. Yes I meant the 11th. It's the first day of the getaway. The change has been made in the original post.
  3. ANNOUNCING THE DENVER MIGRATION!! The KDEN migration, United Regional's premier event, is upon us! Imagine a long line of jets coming out of various airports in the ZBW/ZNY area all headed for KDEN on the first night of the Aspen getaway. Well, that's what we have going on! This will take place this coming Friday, January 11th, with first aircraft pushing back at 6pm. This event is open to all pilots of the BVA community, but UAR pilots will have routes already set up for them and will have to fly their aircraft to Denver to participate in the getaway. Come and join us! See you in the skies... As a side note: We're looking for a ZBW controller to get us all moving out and a Denver Center controller to get us in. If some one is available, that would be great!
  4. Hey everybody, On Oct 18, 2012 United Regional will host a departure and arrival contest featuring KJFK and KLGA. The event is open to all BVA participants, but will particularly focus on the current roster of United Regional pilots. The event takes place during our regularly scheduled Thursday night dispatch in support of BVA's Operation Manhattan. For the event our dispatch will indicate all company pilots to depart from the Bravo terminal at KJFK for their individual regional destinations. However the JFK departure controller will monitor each flight's departure pattern for precision and record a written score for each pilot. Each individual flight should then perform a touch-and-go at their destination, and immediately return to the New York area for an arrival at KLGA. Again the approach controller will monitor each flight's arrival for accuracy to procedure and record a written score. After all UAR flights have arrived the scores will be tallied and the highest score will win a prize! To find out what you could win, visit http://www.UnitedRegional.BostonVirtualATC.com While all BVA pilots are invited to fly with us on the 18th, only United Regional pilots listed on dispatch that day will be allowed to enter the drawing. Furloughed or reserve UAR pilots in good standing are welcome to participate, providing they are showing active on dispatch at that time. Further updates will be posted here, or in the UAR Skype chats. Any BVA pilots interested in becoming active with United Regional in time for the event, or for more information in general, please email [email protected] or chat directly via Skype at Skype ID Splonedog (Chuck) or robert.regs12345 (Robert). For any other information regarding United Regional, you can visit our webpage at http://www.UnitedRegional.BostonVirtualATC.com See you in the skies...

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