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  1. Thank you for the informative answers. Dave.
  2. So this year I am going to fly this event. I have never done an Oceanic Flight Before. I'm reading up on all the procedures etc... I'm otherwise very versed with domestic ATC. My question is this. I know on Vatsim Broken flights are okay. Meaning, I can file the FP, take off, get to say Cruise altitude and let the controller know I'm signing off of the network. This would be for a long Domestic Flight. So then, as I get close to my Top of Descent, I would Re-File the flight plan, sign back on the network and have ATC again for my arrival. This method allows me to fly long distance but not have to sit at the computer for hours as physically, I'm disabled and just unable to maintain a seated position at my computer for more than 2 hours without a break of some sort. Is this okay to do during CTP? I'm still learning about the check in coordinates during the route of flight. So maybe staying on-line would be okay, as long as I reach out to ATC during those check in Fix's? Or does ATC reach out to us? Like I will have to be able to monitor the radio the entire time? Vatsim is very good at accommodating People with disabilities. So what would be my best coarse of action? I know I can at least handle the departure portion of the flight and hang in there for a few hours. Just not the entire trip... Either way, I'm going to finish the flight. On or off line. : ) Thanks for any ideas's as I'm sure I'm not the only one with this question. : ) Dave.
  3. Anyone know when the merge will take place? Ie when will this new sound code be the new norm? Although I guess we can continue to use now as long as there are controllers & pilots on line... Dave
  4. Thanks. I just tried that and that didn't help the situation. I ended up filing a Bug report and I was advised through email, that others are having simular issues with certain hardware not allowing ( I guess my yoke is included / CH Eclipse Yoke ) to assign a mapped button or key. So with that knowledge I unplugged my Yoke and attempted to assign the PTT to another Button on my throttle Quadrant. That seamed to work. So once I assigned the button to the Trl Quad, I re-plugged in my yoke and I think that will work now. I guess I'll find out the next time this system is used : ). Thanks for the quick reply. Hopefully others who have the CH Eclipse Yoke will benefit from this topic. Dave
  5. I hope it's okay to post a question here related to the new AFV sound stand alone prgm. I was able to install the program fine and was even able to log in and hear everyone talking. I tuned into clearance and could hear the controller 5 by 5. The only problem I had and could not figure out was assigning the PTT Button. I'm probably the only one who had this problem, but when I clicked on the button which said assign PPT, it assigned button #25 on my yoke. However, I did not choose this, it assigned it on it's own. And I tried every single button on the yoke, which non of them actually activated the mic. If i un-assigned the button, then the mic was hot and could not be turned off. Every time I pushed the assign ptt button, the same button on the yoke came up. Normally you would get a window to pop up and once you press a button it would acknowledge the correct button. I could not join the discord Ch for some reason, which is the other reason I'm posting this question. Anyway, hopefully someone else using X-Plane and SQB knows how to correct this. Thanks. Dave.
  6. Can someone say who the designated event official (whose callsign will be posted here within 48 hours of the event) is? Even though it says this person's name will be posted i don't see where. Also the instructions say to PM this official to inquire as to what cards you hold.
  7. As always very professional! You all did a great job. Thanks for your ATC. Dave UAL1399

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