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  1. Everyone congratulate our newest S1 Jackson Miller (JM). JM pushed tin like a seasoned vet and came to ever session extremely well prepared meaning he was able to get through his S1 training in 3 sweatbox sessions! Very nice great success.
  2. Everyone welcome EC as our newest S1. EC came well prepared to every session, and he handled his OTS well by not smashing any planes together killing hundreds of virtual passengers, so that's nice. Now he can spam the chat with random pictures completely out of context while controlling!
  3. Everyone, help in congratulating our newest S1 Yoann Samson!
  4. Krikor, Thank you for all that you've done during my relatively short time at BVA. Even though I've never had you as an mentor, the amount that I've learned from listening and watching your timelapses is immense. Best of luck in advancing your career!
  5. Now you have something to sound happy about.
  6. A good way to end a solid day of coverage by BVA! Congrats PI!

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