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  1. Everyone join me and sending many Conga-Rats to PA for completing his Boston Ground training! I'm pretty sure I already have used the pun when I did his initial training, but you know what they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  2. The computers really are taking over! Welcome to the team PC!
  3. Everyone welcome our new (old) charlie ground controller Mark Emery (EY). EY joined BVA in 2008 pre-merger and last controller in Houston before coming to his senses coming to us! Welcome back EY!
  4. Everyone welcome Raj Venkat (VK) as our newest certified Class C ground controller! Congrats VK!
  5. Everyone send many congarats our newest S1 Francis Reilly (RY) on passing his OTS today! RY came prepared to every session and didn't give up when sessions were frustrating. I'm looking forward to RY continuing his journey as a controller and becoming an asset to the ARTCC.
  6. Everyone help me in sending many Congra Rats to PA for passing his Class Charlie Ground OTS tonight! PA handled both departures and arrivals efficiently without smashing two virtual planes together killing hundreds of virtual people! Very Nice!
  7. Everyone congratulate our newest minor ground certified controller MF! MF saw the light and transferred to us after getting his ratings through S3 at ZNY, and got through his training in two sessions. VERY NICE! Congratulations to MF even though we have yet another Canadian on the roster .
  8. Everyone congratulate our newest S1 Jackson Miller (JM). JM pushed tin like a seasoned vet and came to ever session extremely well prepared meaning he was able to get through his S1 training in 3 sweatbox sessions! Very nice great success.

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