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  1. Everyone welcome our newest piece of fresh meat Boston Ground controller YS! YS pushed some good tin and kept all his ducks in a row to successfully pass his BOS_GND OTS. Well done YS, and we'll see you in S2 training!
  2. Everyone welcome our shiny new fully certified Boston ground controller, TL! TL showed up and gave all the give way instructions, cleared all the planes to all the places, and didn't kill any virtual passengers in the process. Great Success! Can't wait to see what TL does in the tower world! Many Conga Rats!
  3. Everyone send many conga-rats to BVA's newest S2, John Canavan (CA)! CA came to every session extremely well prepared allowing us to put what was learned outside of session into use in the sweatbox. Good work CA!
  4. Everyone join me and sending many Conga-Rats to PA for completing his Boston Ground training! I'm pretty sure I already have used the pun when I did his initial training, but you know what they say, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  5. The computers really are taking over! Welcome to the team PC!