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  1. Due to unexpected circumstances - this Flight planned for this Saturday - will now happen on the following Saturday, May 1st. Same time, same Flight Plan. Should be fun - hope you can join me! MARK MAYO
  2. As this will be the first time that I have not gotten a booking in the CTP - I still want to participate in the Joy of the Day. Or TDI, if you will. I've never actually flown a Cross-America flight, so if any BVA'ers wish to join me, I'll depart KBDL-KLAX on Saturday, April 24 at 17:30Z I believe that KBDL will be controlled at that time. JetBlue actually has such a flight. FLIGHT PLAN: DCT VEERS DCT PWL DCT IGN Q480 CANDR J60 DJB DCT KG66M DCT KK57G DCT KD48Y DCT JASSE Q90 DNERO ANJLL4 Hope you'll join me! Bring a snack. MARK MAY
  3. You guys are simply amazing. It got pretty intense on Friday night (good that I had done the HOLD PRPs)... and it was superb finding so much activity throughout the 60-hrs. I think you even inspired the adjacent Centers to be active! Thanks, as always. BVARTCC rocks. MARK MAYO
  4. What an Amazing Event last night was.... you guys must truly be exhausted. Probably the largest number of incoming flights into KBOS ever.... (I believe that the CTP is more staggered?) Although I was unable to complete my flight - being in a lengthy hold over PONCT and having to walk my dog - it was amazing to see all the action. Glad to be part of it. Mark Mayo N49
  5. You all do such an amazing job. I thank you. Mark Mayo N49
  6. Wishing the entire Staff & Membership of BVARTCC a joyful Holiday. Your friend - MARK MAYO
  7. My sincere thanks to all of you who give so much to all of us that we can reliably come around and fly under your experienced supervision. I never take the efforts and skills that you guys provide for granted. Much appreciated. Good luck to those filling new positions and thanks to those who've given us so many hours of their time. MARK MAYO N49
  8. I thank you for your solutions! I will try this. N49
  9. Question: Does anyone know a way to be able to hear ATC communications thru speakers attached to the computer while the headset/mic is plugged into USB on the computer? I generally do not need (or even presently own) speakers for my "flying" computer.... I only use my headset. But I will be having someone staying w/us for a couple of weeks who really likes the online flying experience - and I'd love to have them be able to hear the communications. Thank you in advance for your suggestions. MARK MAYO N49
  10. My grandson completing the Checklist! I cannot believe that they let him do this.... Hope he reads the SID very carefully! I AM SO JEALOUS!! MARK MAYO N49
  11. GREETINGS: I would love to fly some/all of those legs VFR... catching the scenery etc. If you do decide to setup that X-Country Journey, perhaps you can post an ETD of the planned legs of that trip as you schedule them. In that scenario, I and others could work some/all of those legs into our schedule and join you! Sounds very colorful.... Mark Mayo N49
  12. Thank you Camden. Not only did you perform with great expertise and confidence - you were also very patient with people like me when I first joined, and had so little knowledge of how to participate correctly. Thank you for all of your work! Mark Mayo N49
  13. HI - I would really love this BOOKING if possible. Kindly let me know how to "take it" if still available! Mark Mayo N49
  14. I am really sorry to read all of this.... What a mess - and I'm sure it's eaten up a ton of the BVA Admins time! Sucks. All I can do to help is send a few bucks to offset potential legal fees. By the way - are we now with the VATSIM Server, and that's why we don't need GalaxyVisions any longer? Mark Mayo N49