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Francis Dube

One good promotion deserves another

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Gentlemen (and DA),


I would like to announce the promotion of one of our own, Matthew Miller (MR) to DATM. God only knows the things that have happened in that office over the last 22 months but we know it is now in the able hands of our resident de-icing master. Dont worry, our facilities staff will be moving out the liquor cabinet (I'm looking at you PG) and cleaning out whatever that green blob is that has been growing in the corner.


In all seriousness, MR has been a great training staff member and has most recently been the Event Coordinator. MR has excelled at both of these positions and will make a great DATM with his knowledge of our facility and his energy/attitude. I'll go all cliche on you and say it seems like yesterday that I was receiving PM's on VRC from ZID_MM_OBS when I was working LEB_TWR about how cool he thought it was I was staffing it.


So join me in congratulating MR on his new promotion, there are great things ahead!

Francis Dube (DB)



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Guest PG

You think I do physical labor? I usually just call ServPro and put it on DA's credit card.

In all seriousness, congrats MR.



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Guest Vince Acres

MR, CIC now has a whole new meaning congrats!

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Thanks Everyone! I am honored to take on this new role as your new DATM, and DB's secretary. I can't wait to get started, and work with everyone from a leadership standpoint. I feel even more motivated to do my best for this facility. As always, my e-mail will be open for questions, comments, concerns, and the occasional "hello!" Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need to talk. Starting off you will notice a sort of harmony, communication and coordination wise between the upper staff and you guys. I am very confident in the future ZBW holds. I am ready to act as co-pilot with DB as we drive this ARTCC forward towards excellence!

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Congrats MR! If the training session that you and DB jointly administered to me back when I was working on my ground cert is any indication, this is going to be brutal.

Daniel Hoffman


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Guest Michael Dugan - RIP


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