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Francis Dube

Staff Announcement: Events Coordinator

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With Camden Bruno (BN) stepping down as Events Coordinator due to his upcoming college enrollment I would like to announce that Clifton Whitten (WN) has been selected as the Newest BVARTCC Events Coordinator. As the Events Coordinator from the controller side, Clif will execute the many events that ZBW holds and work with the pilot based events team on the events that BVA will continue to operate.


The Event Coordinator receives staffing requests from virtual groups that are holding flyins as well as planning for staffing of our home events. We also staff for neighboring ARTCC events and Clif will monitor and plan for those as well.


As well as announcing WN as our EC successor, please also join me in thanking BN for his contributions as EC in the past 8 months.


Please join me in welcoming WN to this new staff role as he has also recently joined our training staff as a mentor.

Francis Dube (DB)



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Congrats, WN! Thank you so much for stepping up and taking over. I know you'll do a fantastic job.



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  Cam Bruno (BN)

  Community Manager

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Guest Denny Puka

Congrats WN!! And to BN, thank you for the countless contributions you've done as EC for the past months

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Congrats, WN! Excited for your first event this weekend. ;)


Thanks, BN, for all your hard work, including another very successful Tea Party!


Kevin Moody (KK)

Former Instructor, Webmaster & Facilities Engineer

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