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Riley Shannon

BVA Ground School

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Ground School is a  program that will run every second Sunday from 6pm ET beginning on November 15 and will run for 11 sessions. The program is designed to help pilots of all skill levels share their knowledge and experience.


Sessions will be held in the TeamSpeak. Connection information will be posted and distributed as required.


Each session will focus on a specific component of flying within the ATC system; the course outline is listed below (subject to change).


At the end of each session, ATC will be staffed in order to allow pilots the opportunity to practice the items discussed.


The ground school is entirely optional. Join for as many or as few sessions as you wish. Voice and video recordings from each session will be available online.


Ground School – Curriculum (subject to change):

  • November 15: Radio Communications
  • November 29: Weather
  • December 13: End-to-End Flight Planning
  • January 24: IFR Clearances
  • February 21: VFR Departure and Arrival Procedures
  • March 6: Oceanic Procedures - Review for Cross the Pond Westbound!
  • April 17: IFR and VFR Holds
  • May 15: Approach Plates - pt. 1
  • May 29: Approach Plates - pt. 2
  • June 5: Area Navigation (RNAV)


Please feel free to email [email protected] with any questions.

Riley Shannon | [email protected]


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Today's ground school session focused on "Weather." The materials from the session are attached.


Our next session takes place on December 13 at 7pm ET, and will feature End-to-End Flight Planning for VFR and IFR flights.


The link to the video will be updated once it is available.

Riley Shannon | [email protected]


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Thank you everyone for coming to Ground School earlier!


Please refer to the top of this thread for an updated Ground School schedule. We have shifted the schedule/subjects. For everyone looking to participate in Cross the Pond Westbound 2016, we will be hosting an Oceanic Procedures Ground School on March 6th, which is a couple week's before Cross the Pond will take place.


Blue skies,

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Guest Barry Wygel

Hello friends,

New ground school session is now posted:


PDFs are also attached:

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Guest Barry Wygel

Thanks for the great turnout!


Youtube Link:


Power Point Attached:

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Are you planning on participating in this year's Cross the Pond Westbound event on April 2nd? If so, join us for Ground School this Sunday (March 6th) at 6PM ET for a lesson on Oceanic Procedures in preparation for the CTP event.

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Guest Barry Wygel

Oceanic Procedures now LIVE



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Guest Barry Wygel

Holds is up! Enjoy!



Powerpoint attached

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Due to a lack of turnout for this session, we have delayed the Approach Plates - pt. 1 Ground School until May 15 at 6PM.


We hope to see you there!

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Reminder: Our Approach Plates - Part 1 Ground School seminar will be held at 6pm ET today.


The remaining two sessions will be held on May 29 (Part 2 of Approach Plates) and June 5 (RNAV), wrapping up the 2015-2016 series of Ground School seminars.



Evan Reiter

Community Manager
Administration Team

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Guest Barry Wygel

Hello all,

Instrument Approach Procedures Parts 1 + 2 are now posted on youtube!



(PART 1)

(PART 2)
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Reminder: Our final session of Ground School will be held tomorrow at 6pm ET and will focus on Area Navigation (RNAV). We hope to see you there!


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