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Clif Whitten

[29 January 2016 1845-0000 ET (2345-0500z)] The Northeastern Corridor 2016

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Join us on Friday, January 29th for the second annual Northeastern Corridor.


We're teaming up with vZNY and vZDC to bring you an FNO like no other! We'll be lighting up the Northeastern United States, renowned for it's busy airline commuter and business service, and bringing service to three of the major metropolitan airports of the area: Boston (KBOS), New York-La Guardia (KLGA) and Washington-National (KDCA). We welcome all pilots and aircraft to come and join us for this chance to fly with ATC service in one of the most busy and congested air spaces in the country!

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I hope that you will join us tonight for The Northeastern Corridor 2016!    In addition to KBOS, we'll be staffing up a few of the Class C airports for your intra-ARTCC enjoyment.


Flying one of the event routes?  Below is preferred routing to both DCA and LGA.  Why fly a preferred route?  Preferred routing helps to keep the entire event running smoothly.  From Clearance Delivery at your departure field to Departure Control to Enroute Center; controllers will appreciate if you are able to fly preferred routing - especially during a busy event like this. 


Question?  Please ask!  We're here for you! 



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Thanks for posting those Clif.  Are there posted preferred routes for the return trip?


That's a handsome question, and thank you for asking it.  I've update the chart to reflect the preferred arrival routes as well.

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I know I've mentioned this to a few folks, but I want to tell everyone!  Normally, multi-ARTCC FNOs bring 20-40% more traffic count than an average FNO.  Right now, 8:30pm, this FNO is 260% more than average!  3.6X the average traffic count!!!  Holy Crow!  And ZBW has 73% of the traffic!  Looking at the fields for departures, right now DCA has 6, LGA has 7 and BOS has 31!!!!!  Phenomenal, guys!

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To those who participated in this years Northeastern Corridor FNO,


On behalf of the entire Boston Virtual ARTCC Air Traffic Controller Team, we thank you for your participation. Last years event was such an extreme success that all three of the ARTCC’s decided to make this an annual occurrence. That decision has proved to be a great one.


Early on in the event, at 8:30PM EST to be exact, the FNO had 260% (3.6x) more traffic than the average FNO on the VATSIM network. Additionally, ZBW handled 73% of the traffic at that time.


The amount of pilots who participated and the skill-level of each pilot was truly impressive. We want to emphasize that without the pilots, events like these would be impossible. Your dedication to the hobby, your enthusiasm, and more are what make VATSIM and the flight simulation community thrive.


For a full timeline of the event, be sure to checkout our Twitter account @BVARTCC (twitter.com/BVARTCC).


For those of you who recognized the hard work of our controllers, we thank you! Your words via private message and social media mean a lot. On top of that, please be sure to file feedback so all of the controllers get the word. You can do so via www.bvartcc.com/feedback.


Thank you again and we look forward to Cross the Pond Westbound, BVA’s FNO in April, and more.


Blue skies and happy landings,


Boston Virtual ARTCC Administration


  Cam Bruno (BN)

  Community Manager

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Guest Matt Hallihan

Had a great night last night - wish I could have snuck another leg in.. Kudos to all of the ATC who did a great job as always.


Attached a few caps of the departure line for 27 @ BOS.

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