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Andrew Morkunas

KPWM: Pack the Pattern - Thanks for the traffic

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The Pack the Pattern event last Wednesday night generated a high volume of traffic at LaGuardia with departures and arrivals for KPWM.  In ZNY LaGuardia is the the small little brother that gets picked last for stick ball.  New controllers were staffing positions at LaGuardia and were impressed with the level of traffic throughout the night and they were able to hone their skills.  On behalf of ZNY I would like to thank Boston for choosing our kid brother for this event.  It was a great night.



Andrew Morkunas


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Hey Andrew!


We're glad this past Pack the Pattern generated so much traffic at LGA for us all to share. Absolutely a great opportunity for students to get on the network and work a decent amount of aircraft. Thank YOU and ZNY for staffing in support of the event. It's always great being able to handoff to adjacent sectors and keep the ATC going vs handing to UNICOM during a busy event. ZNY and ZBW do a great job of supporting each other during events and I'm happy thats the case. Again, glad you enjoyed the night.




  Cam Bruno (BN)

  Community Manager

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Glad you enjoyed it as well Andrew! I'm a huge fan of these minor events we run (and also have a special love of Portland) and was really impressed with the amount of traffic we got. I think that it really shows we CAN make a difference to the networks phobia of class C/D airports, and the recent FNO in ELP/TUS is another sign that maybe people are starting to branch out. I really enjoyed teh event and look forward to the next of our events (I forget what it is). Also, to echo Camden, thank you guys for staffing up New York so well! The impressive N90 and LGA staffing created a mini-crossfire, which I think is really cool!

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