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Camden Bruno

TeamSpeak Server Maintenance Notification

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Our TeamSpeak host has advised us that maintenance is planned on our server for no longer than 6 hours starting at 12am (midnight) ET on Thursday, July 7.


Members attempting to access our TeamSpeak during the scheduled maintenance time will find that the TeamSpeak will fail to load.


Again, normal service should be available by no later than 6am ET on July 7. If you experience problems connecting after this time, please contact Member Support by emailing [email protected]


Thank you,

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Sorry for the delayed post! TeamSpeak has been back up since early this morning. Thank you to Steve for a quick downtime. And thank you to DO for generously providing the VATUSA TS as a back-up while ours was down.

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I can't connect to the Teamspeak server, it says invalid password. Has the password changed? I hadn't connected for several months. I wrote to the support e-mail but no reply.



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