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  1. Save a horse, ride a cowboy!! See ya on the network WG!!
  2. Congrats CK!!! Try not to have too much fun in good 'ol Prescott....I know how fun it is when Denny's is your only late night food option. :P
  3. Phrasing? Glad I wasn't the only one that caught that! Congrats Ellen!!!
  4. Deis; Apologies for the delayed reply in the e-mail. Once you are logged into the website, You can find the login information here: http://www.bvartcc.com/Members/MemberTeamSpeak.aspx
  5. Thanks everyone! Looking forward to Controlling here soon!
  6. Glad to hear that all the pilots had I great time! Myself and the other controllers had a great time during the event!!
  7. Personally, I really like the new colours and format. I just tested the page on all my monitors, and I personally have no issue reading it despite the light colour. I think this new design is, like Evan said, cleaner and more modern in appearance. Ultimately though the colour and format of the forums make no impact on my life, therefore I may possibly be open to anything. Thanks to all the people who spent time and still are working on this project!
  8. Same goes for me Hate to beat the drum again, but this sounds interesting. Count me in as well as long as I'm free!
  9. Sounds like it was a great event. I got home just as it ended :( I will certainly participate next year schedule permitting!
  10. I was so amazed by the sheer number of people in the server for the event. It is amazing to be part of such a great community (BVATC and FSX in general)! I look forward to another breathtaking event like this one!! Wish my scenery would've been better, but I had to drop my settings so I could fly! :roll: