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Camden Bruno

Available Bookings - Cross the Pond Eastbound 2017

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Many of our members, even if they're not planning on flying the event, book flights as a part Cross the Pond for the purpose of saving a flight for another BVA Member incase others were not able to get a slot in time before they ran out.


This thread is for those with Cross the Pond Bookings who are looking to give their booking to someone else. I will continually update this top post with available bookings, whether or not they have been taken, etc.


Post here if you have a booking you'd like to give up OR if you do not have a booking and are seeking one. If you have one, please include the departure field, destination field, and TOT (time of takeoff, otherwise known as slot time).

Available Bookings

  • Camden Bruno - KBOS-EGKK - 1232z - Taken by Mark Mayo

Seeking a Booking

  • Austin Kukral

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Kindly let me know how to "take it" if still available!



We'll have to coordinate timing to be exact to ensure that I am able to drop it and you're able to obtain it within a couple seconds of each other. Or else someone else could snag it. That said, send me an email at [email protected] and we'll find a time to meet on TeamSpeak for the exchange. I'll bring the goods...lol.

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