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David Cross

CTP East Question

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 So this year I am going to fly this event. I have never done an Oceanic Flight Before. I'm reading up on all the procedures etc... 

I'm otherwise very versed with domestic ATC.  My question is this. I know on Vatsim Broken flights are okay. Meaning, I can file the FP, take off, get to say Cruise altitude and let the controller know I'm signing off of the network.  This would be for a long Domestic Flight.  So then, as I get close to my Top of Descent, I would Re-File the flight plan, sign back on the network and have ATC again for my arrival.  This method allows me to fly long distance but not have to sit at the computer for hours as physically, I'm disabled and just unable to maintain a seated position at my computer for more than 2 hours without a break of some sort. Is this okay to do during CTP?   I'm still learning about the check in coordinates during the route of flight.  So maybe staying on-line would be okay, as long as I reach out to ATC during those check in Fix's? Or does ATC reach out to us? Like I will have to be able to monitor the radio the entire time? Vatsim is very good at accommodating People with disabilities. So what would be my best coarse of action? I know I can at least handle the departure portion of the flight and hang in there for a few hours. Just not the entire trip... Either way, I'm going to finish the flight. On or off line. : )  

Thanks for any ideas's as I'm sure I'm not the only one with this question. : ) 



David Cross

FDX3171 OR N1399

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My very strong suggestion is that if you cannot do the entire flight online, in attendance, DO NOT sign up for a slot and preclude someone who can actually meet the requirements of the event (which is indeed to be in attendance throughout, with allowances for short, say 5-15 minute breaks, IF approved by ATC, in the middle of the flight). 


All that said, it really depends on what you mean by break.  If it means getting up, walking around within a few feet of your chair, keeping audio volume up (or wearing a wireless headset) so you can hear, run back to your chair, and respond to ATC, etc., that's in the spirit of attending your connection.  If it means going upstairs and taking a nap, or going across the house to your favorite couch or armchair, that doesn't work.... 🙂  


In the event that your breaks are more significant than stretching your legs within a few feet, into the next room, etc., but you can still monitor audio and run (or jog) back to respond, I offer the following additional thoughts.  If you're trying to get ATC at both the beginning and the end of your flight, my next suggestion would be to try to take of very early, perhaps 10-30 minutes before the first slot time, or very late, perhaps 2-2.5 hours after the last slot time, when your reconnection will not make such a huge negative impact on the controllers trying to work the swarm of aircraft.  You're not guaranteed ATC outside of the "normal" event times, but I can tell you that just reconnecting "blind" in the middle of a swarm of traffic could easily get you removed from the network, and possibly even given a 24 hour suspension if you push the point with repetitive reconnects.  


Otherwise, if you are only really interested in a takeoff during the swarm, fly with the swarm for a bit, and then a disconnect, you could participate as a non-slot aircraft.  Though we don't usually have extra delays for non-slot aircraft at Boston, VATSIM always warns non-slot aircraft to expect significant delays.  Some facilities enforce the slot times for slotted aircraft rigidly, to the exclusion (read delay) of non-slot aircraft.  Boston is much more capable and forgiving than most....  🙂



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