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Guest James Strauss


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Guest James Strauss

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who made the effort to organize this event so well. Especially 'SoloWingDemon' - 'Evanet' - and 'Jrvalent' - (and any major contributors I am not including, probably many, forgive my ignorance.) The complex airspace demanded extra preparation - even the special BVA SOP - and our leaders volunteered a lot of their time to make the special preparations for our benefit.


I hear inklings that we may hold a repeat in the not too distant future, and I hope this comes to fruition, and that I might be able to fly instead of control in it. From the security perspective of its purpose - if you withheld your participation because of any level of intimidation I hope you might take the leap next time around. Take advantage of the benefit of simulation scenario's, and even if you make a navigational mistake or slip-up, where else can you learn from it without any real consequence? The key is to prepare as well as you can to familiarize with the defined protected areas and their associated procedures. Once you have a grasp on that just realize that you are free to fly in the area with the awareness that security forces just want to have everyone positively identified at all times, and they will only become alerted to deviations from filed intentions. It's kind of like a step up from flying into Class Bravo airspace.


Again, much appreciation to the organizers as well as the BVA pilots who took advantage of the scenario and participated. It's hard to imagine a Challenge Event with more potential for educational gain, and participation can only increase strength of piloting and controlling skills.

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Thanks to all, as James said.


I flew from KFDK to KESN with great pleasure, abiding by the "rules" following a complete preparation. Landing in MVFR at destination was a blast, free from interception, after checking by position with VORs all the way through the AREA.


I only wish that we could join with the ATC, the Military and the General and Commercial aviation folks to make it an Event, for learning, every third month during the year, when the seasons change, to enjoy different scenery views ... Flying the same DC SFRA, or even getting to flirt with TFR's along the year ... Tis' the the season to be "challenging".


November seems to be favorable for crosswinds in KPDX... See the calendar on the website. ;)

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Guest george bruton

I was pretty bummed I missed out on this event. It sounds like it went off great...where there any F18 Intercepts? I really look forward to the challenge stuff and hope we have another sooner then later.

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I am REALLY sad i missed out on this also, especially since i would have gotten to fly with more MIL jets than just myself this time but due to the stupid hurricane i was needed down south. Hopefully everyone had a great time and there weren't any pulling of Virtual Private Pilot Certificates!!

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Guest Jordan Koulov

I'm new here so I missed the event, but I'd love to participate in the next one.


My home airport (KGAI) is inside the DC SFRA and its super nerve-racking talking to Potomac approach.

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Very nice. We'll probably do another one before the end of the winter. The pilot materials are already written so the challenge will be coordinating enough military traffic such that we can effectively protect the airspace.



Evan Reiter

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Guest Josh Watson
IMy home airport (KGAI) is inside the DC SFRA and its super nerve-racking talking to Potomac approach.

My home airport is KHEF (Manassas) so I feel your pain!!


I'm always in for another event like that Evan! I would love to fly this one.

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