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Gilles Lagace

Hear Ye! - 2012 Birthday Celebration official TRIBUNE

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Yearly, it is BVATC's pride to celebrate another year of member's participation to the success of our community.


Please be part of the brainstorming to bring about a new concept or an amended concept to provide the best enjoyment for pilots and controllers in the coming fall Event. We hold the annual birthday event mostly in November, our Anniversary month.


You will find a reply coupon in my next post that you are invited to use as a post reply to share your comments and suggestions.


As we have a lot of new members this year, history knowledge wont hurt. But, new means new and future is new to come ... so start up your brain cells to tell about the past, revealing what pleased you about former concepts. Also, please tell about what went exactly right for you in the past Events.


Going further, another question will ask you to project a renewed concept, or suggest a really smashy one, nobody ever thought about... but you!


Very importantly, provide us with suitable DATES and TIMES for this event to take place. It may be only for one day, or stretched across many more hours, than the usual 24. Anyway, you are invited to help, so please report the dates and times that you certainly can not join the event. We will try to gather people on the average preferred availability.


Lastly, I can already say thanks to you for sharing your thoughts. Feel free to use the format we will provide or simply use your own "speak out" structure.


:ugeek: See you in the post replies ... and in the scopes and skies' ;)

Gilles | CYUL | Founder of the "TANGO SQUADRON" - BVA member since July 31st 2008



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To get things rolling, one of the concepts suggested by James (skybum23):


Fully-staffed KBOS (Clearance, Ground, Tower, Approach, Departure), ZBW (one or two), NY_A, and local control at KLGA, KEWR, KJFK, KTEB, and KISP. That gives us 6 controlled airports for the 6th anniversary, a ton of ATC and airport options, and smaller fields for GA aircraft to fly closed traffic or shorter hops.



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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Guest Max Enis
Hi All,

I remember the first time i joined BVA as many of you probably do as well. It was actually 2 days before BVA's Boston Tea Part event. Being new to BVA i was a little lost and had tons of trouble staying connected. I think it would be awesome if we could try another event like this!! Now this isn't all about me. I'm sure many other members would agree that this would be a fun event. Fully staff multiple airports in the ZBW and have 1 or 2 ZBW controllers for different sectors.


I know this has tons of pros and cons, and i figured this would be a great place to discuss them. Maybe if we could do something similar but with other aspects to it, it might be a success. Please list here any comment's, concerns, opinions, etc.



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