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Guest Yun Chase

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

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Guest Yun Chase

Hey Evan and et. al.,


Not sure if this was ever requested before my time here but... Do you think you guys can figure out a way to hold a future PP or FI event to be an Oshkosh event? The VFR arrival procedure links are below. It's pure madness... something we all love to do on BVA!!! :lol:






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Guest Brandon Carter

An "oshkosh-like" event would be cool.


I believe that this type of thing has been discussed before. Check out this thread, about half way down:




On a side note, I always enjoy watching this video of ATC during the 2003 real-world Oshkosh event:



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When it has been requested before, I have requested that the people who are most interested in making the event happen become part of its administration. I don't know enough about Oshkosh, and am busy enough with other events. Is someone willing to take ownership of such an event? If so, I'll be more than happy to help with the PR, ATC staffing, etc.



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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Guest Matt Patterson

Yes, Oshkosh would be nice. Will it be easy to make it as similar as possible...DEFINATLEY NOT.

1: The amount of airtraffic will never be able to be anywhere near that.....

2: Aircraft. The aircraft @ Oshkosh are primarily experimental (Prototypes or homebuilts) and seeing as how the #1 most common homebuilt aircraft is any from the Van's Aircraft line and seeing as how they are darn near impossible to find online, be EXTREMELY difficult to pull this part off. But if you do manage to find a RV-9a or RV-7a, hit me up because my dad and I are building a 9a right now and have looked all over FSX websites for one but no joy. Maybe the aircraft thing is only my EAA member state of mind coming out. haha


But if the people who most want to pull this off are able to, I will in everyway shape and form support it 100%

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Guest Josh Handelsman

I would love to participate in an EAA Oshkosh/BVA event, but I do not see how it could be pulled off.


For work (mostly) and pleasure, I've flown into EAA Oshkosh about 10 times and have no clue how BVA ATC and the scenery folks could simulate it.


Essentially, aircraft enter the Oshkosh "airspace" at different altitudes based on their speed, and from different arrival points. A satellite tower (I think it's a guy in a pick-up in a park by a lake with binoculars!) tries to identify you by having you rock your wings. When you hear a response such as, "High-wing Cessna, proceed to the power plant and enter downwind for 18." All the while, you are not saying anything because of the massive amount of traffic.


When you are cleared to land, you are advised to lower your gear and are assigned a color-coded block on which to touchdown (temporarily painted on runway)... one is around the numbers, one is more or less midfield, and the third is further down.


ATC ground folks (no voice) will guide you with wands and hand signals to your appropriate parking space based on the EAA registration ticket (and subsequent parking spot number) you have on your windscreen, and you'll taxi for quite a bit until you reach your area.


If you want to depart (and return later, or leave for good), you fire-up and start taxiing to the area that the non-talking ATC guys are waiting with wands (kinda like going from the movement to non-movement area). They will marshal you through the route, passing-off to other marshallers down the taxiway, until you reach the runway.


At that point, the local controller (tower, who happens to be standing next to the runway) who is also not speaking on the radio, gives you a "Top Gun" catapult-like salute indicating that you are good for takeoff.


Full power, rotate, and get the heck out of the area QUICKLY because the traffic looks like gnats flying all over the place.


God bless if you made a wrong taxi turn and accidently got "launched,⬠â¬Ücus when the â¬Slaunch officer⬠signals you to depart.. YOUâ¬"RE GOING!! It happens all the time.


At the show, unlike Sun and Fun in Florida, there is no regional showcase which allows pilots to fly circuits around the traffic pattern to show off their crafts. Oshkosh reserves this type of "showcase" for newer aircraft (I'm dating myself) such as the Eclipse, HondaJet, Spaceship 1, etc.).


So my points are: (1) we'd never hit the critical mass to accurately represent the Oshkosh flight environment and amount of traffic, (2) why would you want to anyway? (3) no demo showcase flights are allowed, (4) you don't talk to anybody on the radio, and (5) how would you simulate the non-talking ATC ground and "tower" controllers who are limited to using hand signals?


If anybody has some ideas, I'll do my best and run with them. But I can't see it working at this point. I suggest we rent a bunch of planes and go up for real in the summer! |-)

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Let's PACK THE PATTERN at OSHKOSH, on real KOSH EAA week... having it as an arrival airport... and leaving the departure airports to us pilots homing into beautiful Whittman field... Yeah! |) [Pp]

Gilles | CYUL | Founder of the "TANGO SQUADRON" - BVA member since July 31st 2008



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