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Don Desfosse

Web/Data Maintenance

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The data center where the ZBW web server is hosted is going to be decommissioned on June 16th. We be moving all the sites on that server to a faster, newer server in the very near future (possibly even sometime this weekend).  We will try to post a reply here when the actual day/time is picked.


With this move, there will likely be some downtime.  Also, the software running the newer server is newer, and not 100% backward compatible, so it is likely that some of our web/data functionality may break as a product of the move.  We are doing everything we can to identify any affected software/code and upgrade it now in parallel with the move, but it's very possible that there will be some negatively-affected functionality.  If you see anything broken, please reply to this thread so we can debug/fix the code.


Thank you!

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The RW server is hosted on a different machine (one of Dave Pascoe's servers) so it won't be affected.


The TS server will be moving, but I should be able to copy all the configs over so it should be a transparent change. There might be a few minutes of downtime as the new IP propagates, though. It'll likely be fairly late at night so I doubt anyone will be on TS.

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Team, the switch may well happen tonight.  Stay tuned, say your prayers, cross your fingers and toes, and hope that nothing breaks.  If it does, post here and let us know.

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Update -- the changeover occurred overnight.  Very few issues as far as we've been able to tell so far.  The most noticeable one that we've been able to determine so far is that the TeamSpeak status page is not working.  Our webmaster is working the issues.

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Noticed the forum was down this morning for work. Only thing I note wrong now is clicking the Boston ARTCC image at the top no longer brings you back to the homepage.

Francis Dube (DB)



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