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Richard Bonneau

ZBW's newest DATM and Events Coordinator

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I am very happy to announce that Francis Dube (DB) has been named Deputy Air Traffic Manager here at the Boston ARTCC.  Francis has been a valued member of the ZBW staff, serving most recently as Events Coordinator and a Staff Instructor.  He is dedicated and loyal to ZBW and a perfect fit for the job!    


Of course, DB's appointment to DATM opens up the Events Coordinator position and our bench depth at ZBW comes to the rescue. I am excited to announce that Matthew Miller (MR) has accepted the job of Events Coordinator.  MR is jumping in to the deep end right away - our FNO, ZBW and Beyond, is just a few days away, and we'll need to fully staff up to support the upcoming Cross the Pond.  ZBW has a long tradition of exciting VATUSA events and I expect that MR will bring some very innovative ideas to fruition during his tenure.


Please join me in congratulating both Francis and Matthew as they assume their new roles!


Rich Bonneau (BU)

Air Traffic Manager

Boston ARTCC


Rich Bonneau (BU)

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Guest Michael Dugan - RIP

Congrats Dube and MR! I hope you can handle the pay raise!



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Guest Chris Mauro

Congrats DB, MO stepping up!


You mean MR? :P

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Guest Michael Dugan - RIP

Haha right? MO stepped out, not up  8) well technically, out across and then up

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Guest Tommy Rogers

Congrats Guys!  I'm looking forward working with you all!


PS?  Is using names bad in this artcc?  Seem like everybody has been reduced to initials.

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