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Richard Bonneau

KBOS Selected as Departure Field for CTP Eastbound!

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Congratulations Team ZBW!  We've been selected as one of the departure airports for this year's Cross the Pond Eastbound!  The event will be held on October 25th, so clear your calendars now!  We'll need all hands on deck for this premier VATSIM event!




Departure Airports:

Newark/Kennedy - KEWR/KJFK

Miami - KMIA

Toronto - CYYZ

Boston - KBOS


Arrival Airports:

London Gatwick/Stansted - EGKK/EGSS

Munich - EDDM

Paris - LFPG

Lisbon - LPPT

Zurich - LSZH


Rich Bonneau (BU)

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Sweet! Congrats, everyone! Let's show 'em what ZBW is made of. Do we want to have MR create an event thread on the event planning page so we can start planning way in advance?


  Cam Bruno (BN)

  Community Manager

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Guest Michael Dugan - RIP

I pity the fool on clearance

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United departs from terminal B now (and Continental is defunct)


More importantly: All RNAV DPs are now valid on effectively every runway (except for runways that you definitely won't be assigned.

Daniel Hoffman


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Guest PG

Any special requests for alias languages? I'm thinking some basics in French, Swedish, Portuguese, and Spanish with a respond in english please at the end.

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I've been doing CTPs for 7 years.  English works just fine.  And in the interest of simulating actual ATC, you won't hear USA ATC issue any commands in anything but English (I know, I know, they don't use text or aliases either, but that doesn't mean you have to turn all of this into an anti-simulation... ;) ).

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Guest PG

Okay... So, "No I can't hear you, or I need you to post as text" "Je ne vous comprenez pas, s'il vous pla?, repetez par texte"  is necessary. Well that saves me time, my Portuguese is atrocious.


EDIT: I gotcha with the unrealistic thing, I've had some... interesting occurrences where a pilot didn't speak english well enough to understand "post as text".

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The Cross the Pond 2014 Eastbound Pilot Briefing (Revision #2) for pilots departing from Boston Logan Intl Airport (KBOS) is now available and attached to this post. It can also be accessed on the Cross the Pond website under the pilot area.


Don't be afraid to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions. Most importantly, see you on the 25th!


EDIT: Final Draft Attached


  Cam Bruno (BN)

  Community Manager

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