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  1. Congrats on both beating me and passing the OTS!
  2. Congrats PI! It has truly been awesome seeing you rise through the ratings with all the sessions we have done!
  3. BVA has a new On-Peak rated controller! Please join me in congratulating Jonathan Halverson (HS) on passing his Class B GND On-Peak OTS. Jonathan did a great job in sequencing aircraft and dealing with problem pilots along the way. Congrats HS! On to tower!
  4. This post is to inform that Miguel Peng (PH) has graduated from Class B On-Peak Training with an outstanding OTS session! Miguel had everything thrown at him and he handled it extremely well. During the session, Miguel had helicopters, formation flights, student pilots and my favorite, PRPs. Please join me in congratulating Miguel! Congrats!!
  5. Welcome back Matt! Glad to have you back!
  6. Fantastic post PI! I've always had the issue of finding everything for Xplane-11 in one place, this helps so much.
  8. "What else is better than a Regional Circuit at BOS?" An OTS!! A passed OTS!!! Please join me in congratulating William Guisbond (GD) on passing his Class B On-Peak OTS! GD has been progressing very quickly in his training at BVA and no surprises he will continue on very well. Congrats GD!

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