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  1. Looks good Evan. Btw, the problem with having <20 FPS is not that you will appear to "pause" to other pilots, but because your aircraft will move slower than the groundspeed that is displayed to controllers (which is not adjusted for the simulation rate). This will make it difficult and to sequence you with other traffic. Szymon, I would recommend some additional items for X-Plane Free Scenery. Let me know what you think. Ortho4XP - this utility allows you to generate photorealistic scenery tiles for any part of the world and greatly improves VFR flying. US Orthophotos (alternative to Ortho4XP) - you can download pre-made tiles with various improvements for the New England area. Space-intensive. HD Mesh Scenery v4 (link to torrent files) - improves depiction of terrain, roads, forests, water bodies, etc. Like Orbx's FTX Vector. ZBW is contained within two tiles, +40-080 and +40-090. May impact frame rates. simHeaven/World2XP - improves autogen, buildings, and landmarks. Download "w2xp_America.7z" from here: https://simheaven.com/simdownloads/w2xp-sceneries/ (works for XP11) Download VFR-Landmarks, VFR-Aerials, from here: https://simheaven.com/xp11-sceneries/ Cheers, Richard
  2. Note that as of Jan 2020, VATSIM has enforced a minimum of 20 FPS for X-Plane users flying on the network. Now, if you fall below 20 FPS for a certain period of time, the client will detect that and kick you out of the network. More info about the update here: https://www.vatsim.net/news/important-information-x-plane-users That means the Autospeed plugin is no longer a solution for pilots who experience low FPS. Instead, VATSIM is asking pilots to adjust their graphics settings and/or use Lua scripts to meet the minimum FPS requirement (see the links at the bottom of that page). VATSIM has not dictated the exact criteria that should be used by the clients to catch users with low FPS. From my experience, xSquawkBox has an overly strict and punitive approach which makes it impossible to fly on the network even if you only fall below 20 FPS once every 60 seconds. On the other hand, xPilot has a more reasonable implementation and I've never had any problems with getting disconnected. I think we should update our reference material on the website to remove the references to Autospeed and instead instruct users to use the xPilot client and adjust their graphics settings. @Dana Atwood, looks like you made the right decision to use xPilot Cheers, Richard
  3. Congrats Alex! look forward to flying/controlling with you
  4. Congrats Justin! Look forward to working with you.
  5. I looked at the requirements for a P2 rating on VATSIM and it seems pretty similar to what's assessed on a Cape Air Virtual shared-cockpit checkride - namely flying the airplane according to recommended procedures while online with ATC. The only difference would be the requirement to hand-fly the plane from start to finish, which shouldn't be a problem in the GA planes that Cape Air uses. I don't know how much extra work this would be, but it would be a recognition of the amazing resources and support that pilots have in Cape Air Virtual. Cape Air pilots would also be able pick up VATSIM ratings P3-P5, since they are required to complete all the PRP flights as they progress through the ranks.
  6. This is great news! Thank you to all those involved to make this happen. I agree with Camden that the PRPs are a TON of fun, a well-designed series of practical, hands-on lessons that is very rewarding to complete. And most importantly, the learning doesn't stop with the PRPs - they've given me the knowledge and skills to turn every online flight into a learning experience. Special shoutout to Kyle (RS), who suggested the PRPs to me when I was a lonely pilot blundering through Boston's airspace. I've never looked back since!
  7. Congratulations Kyle, it's an achievement well deserved!

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