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  1. Congrats to @Brett Smithling (SG) who has just passed his Class C Ground OTS today! For someone who hasn't controlled in over 10 years, he got up to speed and controlling like a pro again in just two sessions. Congrats, SG! Hope to see you on the scopes.
  2. Congratulations to @Leonardo Almeida (AD) for passing his Class C Ground OTS today! He managed to escape the fiery pits of the PWM cab, and successfully navigate all the weird routes and unusual carelessness from pilots today, and as an added bonus, no one traded paint!
  3. Gather round all! We have a new S1 who has just escaped the depths of the PWM sweatbox! PC passed his Class C Ground OTS today at PWM, doing a stellar job with issuing impatient pilots their IFR clearances quickly, as well as making sure they don't hit each other on the way out of PWM. Congrats PC, looking forward to seeing you on the scopes!
  4. After a very busy OTS, @Jack Bernstein (BT) has passed his OTS with ease! BT found all the silly WAFDOFs and routes that pilots file, and sent them on their merry way! Congrats, BT! Welcome to the team.