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  1. Congrats to @Elias Schanz on passing his S2 OTS and receiving his Class C TWR certification!
  2. Congrats to @James Taylor on achieving his Class C TWR certification and S2!
  3. A round of applause is in order today, because @Steven Schmidt (SI) has just passed his Class C Ground OTS! After navigating the endless stream of airplanes (who desperately wanted to trade paint), he managed to get them where they needed to, without scratches or ground-stopping the entirety of Portland.
  4. Congrats to @Carlos Campos (CS) on passing his Boston Ground Full Certification! Carlos handled lots of traffic in the Sweatbox today, and even saw some aircraft who didn't quite want to do everything correctly. Contrary to the title, Carlos did not have any collisions from these pilots. Let's hope it stays that way! Congratulations on your new cert CS!
  5. Congrats to @Brett Smithling (SG) for passing his Class B Ground OTS today! Even with all the heavy regional carriers making him question his sanity, he managed to push through the depths of the Sweatbox. Enjoy your new privileges to work events!
  6. Congrats to @Evan Cooper (CP) on passing his Boston Ground OTS this morning! After an eventful day at Boston, he's managed to get everyone on their way safely, and even dealt with a NORDO pilot! Fortunately, no paint was traded this morning. Enjoy the cert!
  7. ... for another Class C Ground student to pass his OTS! Congrats to @Florian Kohlschmidt (KD) on passing his Class C Ground OTS. He has thankfully figured out how to ditch the ICAO phraseology (hopefully we won't see any "identified" in the future) and also fix any strangely routed flight plans that were filed! Welcome to BVA (and the terror of American phraseology)!