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  1. Join me in welcoming another successful Class C Ground controller aboard, Tyler Musshorn (HN). HN came to us with a large amount of flight sim experience and, once he got a taste of the ATC side of things, he couldn't be stopped! I threw some hectic sessions at him, and he always came out on top! Listen out for that confident voice giving our virtual pilots their clearances, re-routes, amendments and taxi instructions like he's been doing it for years. Welcome to the team HN, glad to have you!
  2. Please join me in welcoming another German to our ranks! Carsten Mundel (MN) handled his ground scope with confidence, dealing with lots of "new" pilots who want to fly direct routes and many others who loved filing incorrect altitudes, equipment types and genuinely enjoyed being high maintenance at the ramp and on taxiways. Enjoy your time on the network, it was well earned!
  3. Great Job RQ!!! We all sorta kinda knew you could do it !