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Bill Kunzler

New Beginning time change?

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Hi, just checking that the event time for 'New Beginning' has changed to 7pm from 3pm.

(it is still advertised as 3pm on the Events Calendar and Overview page)




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No, sir. It is still 3-7PM EST (1900-2300z) on the 23rd of August.





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  Cam Bruno (BN)

  Community Manager

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Slightly off-topic since it's not about the time correction, but I just finished my second leg in the subject event.  Niiiice.


Flew IFR from BID to CON and then back (in a Baron, of course).  Great service all the way.  I did discover that I could not file OTP for an altitude on my return (evidently a vPilot limitation - digits only, no text - or it may be a VATSIM thing - can't remember when I ever filed OTP with BVA or VATSIM so I'm not sure where the catch is).  However, I put "REQ VFR OTP" in the remarks section and filed for 8K.  As soon as I was identified, I adv'd the controller of my request and got it.  Worked great (no surprise).  I think BVA and VATSIM is a good pairing.  Thank you to all our Controllers!

----M B Ingersoll

----FAA Retired

----ZFW 1984-2008

----USAF 1973-1983

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Guest John Girard

I, too, enjoyed it very much. Flew IFR KBDL - KACK and KACK - KBOS.  Heavy traffic made it fun. All the new liveries were great to see as well. First time I saw 3,ground collisions!  Watching a FedEx jet slice an airliner in half at KBOS was as if Salvador Dali was making movies! Both seemed to survive unscathed.  Thanks to all for a great event.

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