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Don Desfosse

Deflategate event?

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While I generally hesitate to suggest an event that could occur during a sporting event that a lot of our controllers might want to watch, I wonder if there's enough interest between us and ZOB to have a quick crossfire event either on, or leading up to, Thursday night.  I'd normally suggest Wednesday, but there's already an event scheduled (http://www.vatusa.net/forums/index.php?action=calendar)


What do you think?  Any interest?  Can we put together something with ZOB that fast?  Should we shoot for Thursday with a second choice of Tuesday or Monday?  Or just do it on one of the other days if folks will be too busy watching the game?




Uppin' the Air - Boston/Pittsburgh Crossfire

Date - Times


Check your tires for proper inflation before you come fly in a friendly crossfire event between Pittsburgh and Boston.  Instead of shooting properly inflated balls into the air, our excellent ATC teams will be shooting properly inflated aircraft toward each other.  The ATC team that catches more passes leading to a touchdown (lands more aircraft) wins!




EDIT:  Changed order of PIT and BOS to subliminally suggest that all aircraft should come in to KBOS... :)

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I'll reach out to ZOB to see if there is any interest on their end. 


In the meantime,  informal poll for available controllers for Thursday?


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If it happens then I wouldn't be able to make it until after 9PM or so, if at all.



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  Cam Bruno (BN)

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