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Evan Reiter

Jonathan Halverson (HS) Joins the ATC Training Staff

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It is my pleasure to formally welcome Jonathan to ZBW's ATC Training Staff! Jonathan joins the team who have the important responsibility of providing training to the air traffic controllers here in ZBW.


Jonathan joined our ATC training program on August 24, 2017, completing his first session with none other than Camden Bruno. Poor HS. Surprisingly, the initial feedback was actually positive. That's right...Camden said something nice in a training report. Don't believe me?

Initial session for Class C/D DEL/GND training. HS came very prepared and was on his A-game. Next time we'll jump straight into the sweatbox and apply everything practically. Keep up the great work!


(I edited out the swear words.)


After earning the S3 rating (allowing him to work Approach on the network), HS recently took the plunge into becoming a Mentor. As many of our controllers know, involvement in Mentoring is extremely important in keeping our ARTCC alive and well. New controllers are the lifeblood of the community. Anyone else who is in the process, or has recently achieved an S3: please consider submitting an application.


To date, HS has logged 234 hours on the network.



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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