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  1. Shoutout to Will Stewart (ST) for not only making the title easy to come up with, but for passing his S1 OTS! ST was a BVA S3 quite a while ago and has recently restarted his controlling. He passed through training quickly and knocked it out of the park. Great job, ST!
  2. Join me in congratulating Evan Bowen (EB) for passing his S1 OTS! Evan did a great job at Portland, amending all sorts of routes and working all flights with ease. Great job, EB! I'm sure we'll see you at Boston soon.
  3. Congrats to Bradley Dill (DL) for passing his S1 OTS this afternoon! DL worked a lot of airplanes at Portland, kept his scan up, and performed excellently. Well done and welcome to the scopes! Onward and upward.
  4. Well done, RQ! Fellow controllers - should we make the GUMPS check part of the relief briefing?
  5. I'm not at all SRprised you got it. Well done!
  6. Well done, PD! I'm Pretty Damn sure we're lucky to have you on board. Perhaps Departures will see that you're around and... yeah not sure where I'm going with that.
  7. Thank you very much everyone! It's been a pleasure to work with all of you and this amazing community as a whole. Oh, and keep your eyes open for the next edition of Christmas at ZBW, coming soon to a forum post near you!
  8. Great job, HI! It's been incredible seeing you progress all the way from an S1 to a fully-rated C1. You're an awesome guy to work with and I can't wait to see what you'll accomplish in the future!
  9. Congrats Chris! Don't blow up with excitement over your new position. See you out on the scopes! ...yeah that was a stretch

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