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Evan Reiter

April Logan Informer: BVA Pulls Out of 2023's Cross the Pond

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Unfortunately, the controllers we staffed at Boston Approach can’t agree with our Boston Center controllers on how to manage oceanic arrivals at KBOS. Due to these irreconcilable differences, we’re sad to say that we will no longer be participating in Cross the Pond this year and have advised the CTP team to route our traffic through ZNY instead.


However, we’ve moved our Boston Tower controllers - who are always monitoring our procedures and policies closely - up to two airports north of Logan so we can still have a great day of fun, local ATC coverage without worrying about all those heavies reporting established on the localizer. Introducing our replacement event… Go-around For You!


Did you fail to secure a slot for Cross the Pond? Are you looking to challenge your aviating, navigating, and communicating skills? Maybe you are just looking to have a quiet Saturday morning flight? Forget CTP: GFY!


Read more about today's replacement event for Cross the Pond in the April Logan Informer.



Evan Reiter

Community Director
Administration Team

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