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  1. You’re not going mad. Just add the FLAi model matching VMR file located in your documents\Vpilot Files folder to your Vpilot Custom Model Matching settings and you’ll be all set.
  2. I actually have the same exact problem with the invisible 77W's. Would appreciate feedback on some sort of resolution. But everything else works just flawlessly. The 77W's will be fixed in the FLAI Version 12 update. It was really a matter of adding an updated MDL model and fixing the model.cfg. You can expect the update in the next few days on the FLAI Ops Center.
  3. We are aware that some models are invisible, and are working on fixing this with each version update. Eventually, we will fix every invisible model. The best thing you can do is report any invisible models using the feedback section of https://flai.app/.
  4. Great catch! I have fixed this and added it to the next update. Expect it to be correct in version 11.
  5. After a period of silence and hard work, we’ve come to a point where we can finally talk about this long-awaited update. I know the whole process of moving from BVAI to FLAi has been confusing, however, I hope the work speaks for itself. So what’s new? A lot of people have asked us this question. Post installation you will notice there are not many differences. The same liveries you’ve come to know and love are still there with the same models for the most part. We’ve added just shy of 1,000 liveries to the already substantial database of airlines. In total there are about 4,700 fixes, updates, changes, etc. Although you might not notice the difference upon first startup, over time the changes become apparent. Under the hood, we’ve gone through every model and texture, every line of model matching code, and fixed quite a few issues that persisted in both BVAI and VpilotAI. One large difference you will notice right away is that you are now able to select whether or not you want Dynamic Lighting to interact with the AI. For those who use P3D and have dynamic lighting disabled due to performance issues, you can now disable this feature in order to gain a few extra FPS. For those who wish to use Dynamic Lighting with FLAi we’ve included scripts that control the dynamic lighting’s effect on the AI aircraft. The merging of VpilotAI and BVAI was no easy feat, however, we believe the additions we’ve included and the problems we’ve fixed will improve your simming immersion. So, where can I download this update? The newest application is available for download using the following link: https://FLAi.app/ Existing BVAI users please don’t panic! You will not have to uninstall BVAI manually. Please allow the FLAi Ops Center to take care of that for you. Upon downloading and starting up the FLAi Ops Center, it will automatically find your BVAI installation and remove it for you. If you installed BVAI manually, the installation will allow you to choose where it is installed, and will delete it for you. If BVAI is not deleted in its entirety, there may be conflicts when starting up your simulator. After BVAI has been successfully deleted, the FLAi Ops Center will proceed to install the new FLAi package based on the settings you choose. This process should take about ten minutes or so, maybe a bit longer if a lot of people are downloading it at once. As always we have the feedback system in case you run into any trouble. Evan, Ryan, Szymon, and I will be more than happy to field any questions. For now, we are still considering this as an open beta. We need to make sure any lingering bugs are worked out before we consider FLAi released. We’re very excited about this new release and hope that you will love using it, just as much as we did creating it. Let us know what you think! DISCLAIMER: Please note that reverting back to BVAI or VpilotAI will not be possible after you have uninstalled it. Please test this package before flying to ensure it works properly! Load up at a random busy airport, log onto VATSIM, and make sure aircraft are being depicted.
  6. Please do a search of BVAI folders on your computer. You probably have two copies installed. If you do just delete one of them and you'll be good to go.
  7. Thanks for the reports! I have fixed the Compass and US Airways issues for the next version update.
  8. I apologise for the timeliness of this post/update. I was all ready to post this morning but I got called into work last minute. Anyways.. Some of you have been wondering why there’s been no update within the past few weeks. We received a lot of positive feedback during and post Cross The Pond, which allowed us to make a few changes. Members following our forums have likely been hearing about BVAI, a new model matching solution for VATSIM pilots that is currently in open beta testing within the flight simulation community. As we continue to develop the product, we have decided to begin working with Ryan Parry, creator of vPilot AI. vPilot AI is a similar package that has been available to VATSIM members since as early as 2015. The new free product, to be called Fly Ai (FLAi), will bring the same level of immersion offered by vPilot AI, with the easier installation and incredible ops center of BVAI, and a team of people working to keep the package up to date. That means more updates, more often, and a much more realistic experience for everyone! In addition, we'll be offering a set compatible with FSX, P3D v1, V2, V3, and V4, as well as a second P3D V4 only package that will include P3D v4 models and dynamic lighting on select models. The aircraft models and liveries that are currently available in BVAI or vPilot AI will all be available as part of FLAi. There will be no loss in liveries or aircraft models. Instead you will notice better performance with the optional dynamic lighting, more updated aircraft models, and more liveries. The only loss will be the name "BVAI." I know, I liked that name too because it had BVA in it but we'll get over it together. So what does that mean for current BVAI users? If you are a current beta tester of BVAI, no action is required. Once we’ve released the first beta version of FLAi, we’ll let you know. For existing BVAI users, the installation process will be simple: run the BVAI Operations Center, and you’ll be upgraded to the first beta version of FLAi. This update merging the two packages will likely be introduced with version 8. If you’ve had BVAI installed for a while you probably know how updates work. It will be the same exact process. For now, users of VpilotAI or BVAI can remain using whichever version they are currently running. If you haven’t yet downloaded BVAI, we recommend waiting until the first stable version of FLAi has been released. At that time, we’ll publish more information about how to download and install the new model matching package. If you do have any questions, please feel free to contact us using the regular feedback system.
  9. Yep, that was added a few versions ago. Any NRS B788 or N789 will model match to a Norwegian Air Boeing 787.
  10. BVAI Open Beta Version 7 is now available in the BVAI Operations Center. Should be about 54 changes in total. All you have to do to download and install the latest update is access the Ops Center. Once the Ops Center loads, you will be prompted to install the update. Press OK, then press that Update button, and grab a drink. The following items have been fixed: -Fixed numerous aircraft.cfg errors to improve performance and stability. -Fixed E75S/E170 default model matching errors. -Fixed Jetblue E190 model matching. -Reworked Norwegian Air Shuttle and Nortrans 737-800 model matching. Added a few extra liveries. -Updated Qantas/Q-link model matching code. -Updated Qantas 737-800 liveries. -Added Q-Link A320 livery. -Added QFA A320 model matching code. -Updated Qantas A333 livery. (A lot of love for our friends in Vatpac) -Added Wizz Air New Livery A320 and A321. -Added Lufthansa 747-8, A320, and A321 new liveries. Cross The Pond Note!: Please update to version 7 before Cross The Pond if you plan on flying during the event. Once you have updated to version 7, do a quick test run of your flight simulator. When you open flight simulator, there should be zero errors popping up that have to do with BVAI. Load into free flight at a busy airport, and make sure you see correct aircraft and liveries displayed. If you are having any issues, please contact us using the BVAI website feedback form. Also, please be cognizant of how many aircraft you want to display. Under Vpilot settings/Performance, I'd recommend decreasing these two settings just for Cross The Pond. You computer will take a performance hit when trying to load over 1,000 AI aircraft. Instead, limit the distance to <40nm, and the maximum aircraft to display to 100. Feel free to mess with these settings however you wish. http://bvai.bvartcc.com/
  11. Rob, I'll ask Szymon about your first question. I think we added the two-click requirement just incase someone doesn't want to update at that point for some reason. Thank you for pointing out the PC12 model matching error. This was caused because I named the default PC-12 texture "BVA_AIG_PC12_ZZZZ instead of BVA_AIG_PC12_X. It would've worked fine, but I added a hyphen in the PC12 model matching instead of an underscore. I guess that's what open beta is for! This will be fixed for version 7 of BVAI.
  12. @Shane, Thank you for the help! I couldn't find the link to FC75's repaints cause his site was on maintenance. I have added both the Surinam B733 and A343. You will see it in version 7 of BVAI. @Don, Good point. I have deleted the Jetblue E190 line of code that is probably causing the error. That will be fixed in version 7 of BVAI.
  13. Yea, that one is understandable. Without an E190 AI model there’s really nothing a JetBlue E190 on the network can model match to, thus it spits out that error. I’ll probably end up Model Matching any JetBlue E190’s to the JetBlue A320... even though it pains me to do that.
  14. Yea, that's normal. Unfortunately, there is no other freeware Embraer 145 available for P3D V4. Once we do get the AIM E-145 P3D V4 model update we will add it right away. That should fix any abnormalities you see with the aircraft.
  15. BVAI Open Beta Version 6 is now available in the BVAI Operations Center. Should be just shy of 50 changes in total. All you have to do to download and install the latest update is access the Ops Center. Once the Ops Center loads, you will be prompted to install the update. Press OK, then press that Update button, and grab a drink. The following items have been fixed: Added A321 NEO to BVAI! Added SATA A321 NEO. Added SATA A320. Added SATA A332. Added SATA A310 Added Air Portugal ATR-72. Fixed CRJ9 model matching. Added Alaska A321 NEO liveries (three in total). Reworked Alaska (ASA) and Virgin (VRD) model matching. Updated prop textures on Cessna 402, King Air C90, King Air 100, and King Air 200. Fixed E145 model matching typo. Added Eurowings DH8D.
  16. Rob and Mike, Thank you for bringing this up. I think I've found a typo within model matching that would cause an error with the E145's. It should now be all fixed with version 6 of BVAI. Just a quick note with the E145's. They should show up with no issues in FSX. In P3D V4, they might not show up properly. In fact you'll most likely just see a tail instead of a whole E145 model. This is because the AIM E145 model has not been updated for P3D V4 like the older FS2004 AI models have. We have kept the E-145 in BVAI because there should be a fix for this soon. Until then it may look weird, but it will not harm flight sim. There aren't that many people that fly the E145 on Vatsim, so it's not a huge issue for the time being.
  17. If you are getting a lot of error messages, it might be a conflict between BVAI and another AI package. If it’s just a handful please e-mail me them so I can look into it.
  18. As per special request from Evan I repainted and added it. Although there isn’t a freeware AI 737 MAX yet, the one provided is close enough with the scimitars. It will model match in that livery to the B738, B38M, and B7M8.
  19. Shane, I will see if I can find Surinam A343, 733, and 737 liveries. If I can find them I will definitely add them. I know Flyingcarpet75 made them, but their website is down for maintenance right now.
  20. Jack, You are correct. We did not include the Concorde in the BVAI, therefore it would show a default CRJ. Originally we did use the AIS Concorde, however during beta testing there was a 50/50 chance it would crash both P3D and FSX. We tried numerous methods to keep it from crashing flightsim, but none worked. The last thing we want is for someone to fly a long haul, only to have a loaded up Concorde crash their flight sim on short final. We're still trying to implement a Concorde model in BVAI, but it's gonna take further testing before we feel comfortable adding it.
  21. Forums got moved around a bit. We’ll continue the public discussion here. For those who are wondering why the CRJ9 doesn’t work with the new version 5 update, I screwed up the wording in the aircraft.cfg. ;D This has been fixed and will be available in the version 6 update within the next few days.
  22. BVAI Open Beta Version 5 is now available in the BVAI Operations Center. This update will serve as a test to make sure the update funciton is working, and will also fix a few minor bugs found by you guys. All you have to do to download and install the latest update is access the Ops Center. Once the Ops Center loads, you will be prompted to install the update. Press OK, then press that Update button, and grab a drink. The following items have been fixed: -Added DLH B772 and B77L model matching. -Fixed CFE/BAW E170/E175/E75S/E75L textures and model matching. -Fixed Lear 35 default texture in P3D V4. -Removed UTT CRJ9. -Replaced CRJ9 with Alpha India Group CRJ9, and added liveries. -Fixed Cape Air Cessna 402 prop textures. -Fixed Cessna 402 model in FSX. -Added Easyjet Switzerland (EZS) model matching. -Fixed Corendon (CND) model matching If you find any further errors please continue to submit them using the feedback form on the BVAI website!

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