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  1. It is my pleasure to welcome @Dakota Yates(YS) as our newest Boston Ground student. I probably put him through a little more than he bargained for on his OJT/OTS with a few heavy pushes, but he did an amazing job holding down the fort and was getting good comments from pilots! No doubt he'll be ready for his full authorization in no time!
  2. ...that @Adam Carter(CR) deserves his S1!! Please join me in welcoming BVA's newest cab member! Adam made good progress through his rating, helped by his previous flight instructor experience, especially when it came to slogging through those heavy pushes. Enjoy, Adam. It's a license to learn - welcome! Orientation is this coming Tuesday February 16th at 8PM ET over at KBDL! Come play!!
  3. Congratulations to @Adam Field(FI) on passing his Class C Ground OTS! He handled an intense workload with planes streaming in 3 miles in trail and people who had no idea how to fly a SID. Adam has strong fundamentals and shows a lot of promise as a great controller. Welcome FI, congrats! Orientation is this Wednesday 1/20, 8pm EST at Bradley! Let's give him some traffic!!
  4. Now that you've read my latest horrendous attempt at aviation comedy, please help me welcome @Kyle Vander Ark(VR) as BVA's newest fully-fledged S1! VR came in with extensive aviation experience as a pilot, and these skills helped immensely as he breezed through to his certification. I even held a combined PWM/ACK OTS to test his VFR skills. Between that and the heavy workload I provided, he handled everything beautifully! Orientation is this Monday January 18, 8:00PM EST at KBDL. Be there! Congratulations VR, and welcome to the team!
  5. What better way to ring in the new year with a new S1! Congratulations are in order for @Evan Cooper(CP) for passing his Class C Ground OTS. He was cool, calm, collected and couldn't be shaken off his game (and certainly not stirred). Welcome to the team, CP! Enjoy!
  6. YEEEEESSSSS!! Congratulations RQ - well deserved.
  7. Thank you everyone!! I can't wait to give you all 3 miles in trail on final
  8. It is my pleasure to welcome newly-minted S1 @Marcus Griep(GP) to the team. Marcus has demonstrated strong fundamentals and potential to be a great controller, dealing with WAFDOFs, bad routes, aircraft skidding off the runway, you name it he's done it. When things got busy, GP was in the zone multitasking away (while I was struggling to keep up with Tower Trainer commands...) Nice job, GP, it's been a pleasure! Congratulations and welcome to the cab!!
  9. Please join me in congratulating BVA's newest S1 @Carlos Campos! Carlos had a fantastic OTS and handled everything I had to throw at him, even people who overshot RWY 29 and ended up in BI's backyard (which I TOTALLY planned for...) Congratulations, Carlos! Welcome to the team!