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  1. Sam Bovlin! Congrats on earning your S3, very well deserved!
  2. Congrats RI! Very well deserved!!
  3. Wow, this is uhh...a little late...but thanks so much everyone! Can't wait to spend some time in the dark room :)
  4. Congratulations Josh! It's been great controlling and flying with you on the network, and I can't wait to do more in the future. Well deserved!
  5. Gilles - I wasn't really planning on having a "schedule" of sorts. I just thought I'd throw something informal out there if people are looking for something to do or are looking for some ideas for impromptu group flights. Just for fun! :)
  6. Hey guys! I was a bit bored and thought it would be a cool idea to try and put together a "tour" of sorts that takes you along Interstate 90 from Boston to Seattle (and back!). Each leg is around 50-150nm, and it's designed to be flown VFR with GA aircraft. There's a mix of B, C, D, and E airports (a lot of D and E, especially out west). Not meant to be anything formal, I just thought I'd put it out there if anybody's looking for something to do. I have a rough list of airports (as well as a few points of interest). Feel free to deviate from the list or take some detours, it's just a guideline more than anything! Have fun! KBOS-KALB KALB-KSYR KSYR-KBUF KBUF-KERI (Erie, PA) KERI-KLPR (Lorain, OH) KLPR-KTDZ (Toledo, OH) KTDZ-KSBN/KEKM (South Bend/Elkhart, IN) KSBN/KEKM-KGYY (Gary, IN) KGYY-KORD KORD-KMSN (Madison, WI) KMSN-KRST (Rochester, MN) KRST-KMJQ (Jackson, MN) KMJQ-KFSD (Sioux Falls, SD) KFSD-9V9 (Chamberlain, SD) 9V9-6V4/KPHP (Wall/Philip, SD) 6V4/KPHP-49B/KRCA/KRAP (Sturgis/Ellsworth AFB/Rapid City, SD) 49B/KRCA/KRAP-KGCC (Gillette, WY) KGCC-KSHR (Sheridan, WY) KSHR-KBIL (Billings, MT) KBIL-KBZN (Bozeman, MT) KBZN-KBTM (Butte, MT) KBTM-KMSO (Missoula, MT) KMSO-S83 (Shoshone Co., ID) S83-KGEG (Spokane, WA) KGEG-KMWH (Grant Co., WA) KMWH-KSEA Points of Interest: Mt. Rushmore: ~15nm SW of KRAP Jackson Hole, WY (KJAC): ~130nm S of KBZN (Great views of the Teton range. Fun Fact: KJAC is the only commercial airport in the US located within a National Park)
  7. Flightbeam sale through Monday, 8/6. 30% off!
  8. Hey Guys! Active Sky is on sale - 30% off through July 8!
  9. Problem Solved! There are a couple quick fixes you have to do to bypass your antivirus if you're using Norton. First, when the setup.exe file is in your Downloads folder, before you open it, do this: Right-click the file and select "File Insight". That will open up the file in Norton. Select "Trust Now" and that part should be all set. Next: Go back into Norton. Under Settings>Antivirus>Scans and Risks scroll down to "Exclusions/Low Risks". Under that should be "Signatures to Exclude from All Detections", click Cofigure. That will bring up the Security Risks window (give it a minute to load, it takes some time). Select "Insight Network Threat" from the dropdown, select WS.Reputation.1, click Add, then Apply and OK and then you should be all set to run setup.exe (if it doesn't run - which it should - run it as an Administrator). It will prompt you with the unknown publisher stuff, just hit run. Worked like a charm! Hope this helps! I've attached some screenshots I took in the order I described as well:
  10. Thanks Matthew! I think that’s what it is too, not the software itself. I’m going to do some research tonight too I think and see if there’s a way to bypass it. I’ll let you know if I find anything! Cheers!
  11. I keep getting a couple issues when trying to download the installer. When I try to run setup.exe as an administrator, I get two things: 1) Windows error: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." (I opened it from my Downloads folder) 2) My Norton doesn't like it. It gives me the WS.Reputation.1 error and deletes the file and doesn't let me restore it. I tried taking ownership of the file, changing my permissions and Windows still gives me the same error (#1)...hasn't happened before. Is there a way I can bypass these errors? Cheers!

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