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Guest Chuck Wareham

Need controller coverage this Saturday for CAP event

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Guest Chuck Wareham

Dear folks -


The 186th Civil Air Patrol squadron based at Robertson Airfield, Plainville CT will be conducting an emergency services training mission this Saturday Feb 6, 2016.  Part of the exercise involves using simulated CAP search aircraft flying on VATSIM in coordination with real world ground teams looking for a emergency training beacon (ELT) in the exact same geographical location where a simulated crashed aircraft will be parked in FSX.


Wild, I know.


In order to provide the most realistic experience we can I'm looking for ATC coverage in the KBDL or ZBW airspace between roughly 1200hrs and 1600hrs eastern.  I can attest that just about no actual CAP pilots have ever experienced VATSIM and/or BVARTCC for that matter and I imagine that if we pull this off, a lot of minds will be blown.  We'll also be making a training video of the event to show to CAP command staff with the hopes that this sort of exercise can be run more frequently.


With that in mind, if any controllers are available to help us provide great ATC coverage in the area I know all the participants in the exercise would be very grateful.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss, please reach out to me directly at [email protected].





SrCA United Regional - UAR421/ UAR35

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We have posted this to our controllers and several have responded. We plan to have BDL/ZBW staffed for you this coming Saturday.


Looking forward to it!



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And Chuck, although you're most likely correct that "just about no" CAP pilots have experienced VATSIM, I'll mention that the current vZBW Air Traffic Manager (Camden Bruno, who answered you above) is a CAP member, as am I (current VATSIM VATUSA Division Director, Current MAWG/DOV, former MAWG/CS)... ;)  When you've got your video compiled, I'd love to see it -- ddesfosse@mawg dot cap [.] gov  Thanks! :)

Don Desfosse (DO)

Vice President, VATSIM

Division Director Emeritus, VATUSA

Air Traffic Manager Emeritus, Boston ARTCC

Boston ARTCC - Where Excellence is Routine!

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