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  1. Congratulations to our newest Class C/D Ground controller, David Toth (TH)! David has been hard at work learning all there is to know about the ground and delivery environments and putting it in to practice. He handled everything thrown at him like a champ and is ready for the network. Please join me in welcoming him to the team! Congratulations and we'll see you on the scopes!
  2. I will be controlling for the event, however, I reserved a booking so that anyone who wasn't able to book a flight could have one. Give me a shout if you want my booking and we can coordinate the swap. Please only contact me if you're committed to flying - I don't want a booking going to waste. KBOS -> EGCC (Manchester). Departure Time: 11:32:00Z EDIT: Gone!
  3. Yes, you heard that right, BVA has yet another new Class C Ground controller! Put your hands together for Alfredo Gomez (GZ) and welcome him to the team. He managed to handle everything that was thrown at him during the OTS including helicopters, PRP flights, and that funky new Spirit A330. I look forward to working with him on the scopes!
  4. A big round of applause to BVA's newest ground controller, Nicholas Freeman (FN)! He handled everything in the OTS great, including helicopters, PRP flights, and having to cross the same runway two times! Welcome to the team and have fun!
  5. Congratulations, PI! Looking forward to seeing more great stuff come from you.
  6. I've had some issues with the E145 as well. I can see lights and the tail, but the rest of the model is missing.
  7. Congrats DL! Looking forward to working with you more.
  8. Congrats, PI! Boston Tuesdays here we come!

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